6th Annual CubeSat Developer’s Workshop

Rizwan Merchant   May 4, 2009   Comments Off on 6th Annual CubeSat Developer’s Workshop

Recently members of the CAPE team traveled to San Luis Obispo, California to visit the California Polytechnic State and attend the 6th Annual Cubesat Developer’s Workshop. The group consisted of Matthew Barousse, Trey Olivier, Taylor Maronge, Dustin Meyers, Rizwan Merchant and Nick Pugh.  The trip was a great success, and a lot was accompliced from Matt and Trey’s presentation on the Applications of a Software Defined Radio in Space, and the amount of knowledge the team as a whole learned from the different teams in attendence.  Below are some photos taken at the conference, and trip in general.


Matt and Trey presenting their presentation.


Group Photo of the CAPE team at CalPoly. Left to right: Trey Oliver, Rizwan Merchant, Taylor Maronge,  Matthew Barousse, Dustin Meyer, Nick Pugh


Picture of us driving down the coastline back to Los Angeles after the conference.

On behalf of the C.A.P.E., I would like to thank the Calpoly team for an awesome conference, and hope to see them next year for the 7th Annual Cubesat Developer’s Workshop!

-Rizwan Merchant