CAPE-2 Ground Station Software Lite Edition Major Update!

Rizwan Merchant   December 11, 2013   Comments Off on CAPE-2 Ground Station Software Lite Edition Major Update!

Greetings All,

Following the great success of our preliminary versions of our CAPE-2 Ground Station Software, I have just released Beta Version 1.1.1, which opens up the ability to send a new slew of commands.

New Commands are listed below.

  • Update Clock
  • Set Green Mode
  • Send Text to Speech (Voice Options: Perfect Paul, Darth Vader, Big Bob, Precise Pete, Richochet Randy, Biff, Skip, Alvin the Chipmunk, Robo Robert, Goliath, and Gretchen)
  • Operate Voice Repeater
  • Send Emails via CAPE-2

I also made some design changes to the software to make everything much more user friendly, and secure. I am also adding a few additions to the Getting Started Guide on the software’s page. Please review the new information before diving in. We are most interested in results from the email command at current. So please try to send yourself an email from CAPE-2!

As always, please direct questions, comments, and concerns to me at

Rizwan Merchant