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Note: this software is currently in a Beta Stage, and we appreciate if you can let us know what we can do to make this software better. 

The CAPE-2 Ground Station Lite Edition allows users to help the CAPE Team join the efforts to track and obtain data from CAPE-2. This program can be configured to connect to an existing ground station using a terminal interface. In the current edition, this program may also transmit two different commands to the satellite, Force Beacon and Health Beacon, place satellite back into green mode, send text to speech messages in various voices, operate the voice repeater, and send emails . When either normal or health beacon is recieved from CAPE-2, this program will automatically decode the data directly from your ground station or from manual input into an easy to read table, and log to CSV files. It will also decode an acknowledgement from a command and alert the user to the acknowledgement.

System Requirements

  • Any Windows Operating System released after Windows XP with .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
  • ~1.5 MB for program installation
  • ~2.0 MB for data logging

Getting Started

  1. Open the CAPE-2 Ground Station Software, and configure your serial port settings, and click ‘Open Port’
  2. Use the terminal interface to set up your TNC and or radios to receive, make sure to place the TNC to KISS mode. There are options for input a ‘New Line Feed’ Character and ‘Carriage Return’ Character if needed.
  3. Click the settings menu option at top and check ‘Listen for CAPE-2’
  4. Click the settings menu option at the top and check ‘Enable Logging’
  5. Once the ‘Listen for CAPE-2’ check box is clicked, the commands will be available to transmit
  6. As a general tip, we recommend sending a Set Green Mode Command to ensure best signal from the satellite, and confirming with a Force Beacon. If the satellite drops back to Orange or Red Mode, please do not set to Green Mode again, and alert our team ASAP.
  7. After a pass please send any CSV files to

Other Features

  • Decode either form of ax25 beacons with the decoder
  • Decode CW beacons you decode and make sure the decoding is valid.



Note: It is recommended to manually uninstall previous versions before installing a new version.

CAPE2 GroundStation Software Lite Edition Version 1.1.1 (2323 downloads)



How do I input a custom baud rate into the Lite Edition?

Double click the baud rate box, and you should be able to input your own preferred baud rates.

What are the requirements to run this software?

Any windows machine with the .NET Framework 4.0 or higher should be fine. Software is also targeted for x86 machines, but also runs well on x64 machines.

Where can I obtain the latest publicly released information to assist in tracking?

Consult our tracking page for information on TLEs, radio configurations, ect.

Can this software decode UHF as well as VHF?

At current as of Beta Version 1.1.0 is capable of VHF, once we have enough information, we will release software capable of UHF along with detailed instructions.

What are some reasons I did not hear CAPE-2 in the last pass?

– Our best guess is the satellite was eclipsed. We have very strong reason to believe the satellite can only operate in the sun due to battery issues. We are working to obtain more data to definitively make a call on the status of batteries.
– We also recommend trying to send ‘Set Green Mode’ commands to the satellite, and confirming with a Force Beacon. If the satellite drops back to Orange or Red Mode, please do not set to Green Mode again, and alert our team ASAP.



Email the author of this software Rizwan Merchant at Rizwan [at] DigitalPhoenixProductions [dot] com with any questions, or reports of bugs.


Release History

12/11/2013 11:00 PM (CST) – Beta Version 1.1.1

  • Bug fixes applied

12/10/2013 10:30 PM (CST) – Beta Version 1.1.0

    • Changes have been made to the general layout of the software.
    • All commands are listed in the menu bar under commands, and are only accessible after checking ‘Listen for CAPE-2’ under settings
    • New commands have been added to software, currently enabled are:
      • Update Clock
      • Set Green Mode
      • Send Text to Speech (Voice Options: Perfect Paul, Darth Vader, Big Bob, Precise Pete, Richochet Randy, Biff, Skip, Alvin the Chipmunk, Robo Robert, Goliath, and Gretchen)
      • Operate Voice Repeater
      • Send Emails via CAPE-2
    • All Beacon decoders have been placed in the menu bar under decoder
    • enable logging check box has been moved to under the settings tab on the menu bar at top.
    • The application window may now also be resiazble.

12/08/2013 09:30 AM (CST) – Beta Version 1.0.2

        • Allows for custom baud rate usage, and CSV Logging updates.

12/08/2013 01:30 AM (CST) – Beta Version 1.0.1

        • Initial Release



10 thoughts on “CAPE-2 Ground Station Software Lite Edition

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  2. Fran

    There is no 19200 baudrate option, can you add it? Tried to add manually to the config file without success! Thanks

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  5. Brian

    How do I set up with the agpwe packet engine. The Cape2 ground station switches the rig to Tx OK, the selected message to the bird is printed on the screen in HEX and apparently sent ? but there is nohing from the sound card. It seems also that AGPWE and CAPE-2 are competing for the same COM Port. Can you please help me ?
    73 – Brian ZS5SB


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