CAPE-2 GroundStation Software Lite Published!

I am pleased to announce the first public release of the CAPE-2 GroundStation Software Lite Edition has been released. The software will help decode, receive data and send limited commands to the satellite in orbit. For more information, refer to the download page.

For all users, please use this program when tracking CAPE-2, and try issuing both commands, and send us back the results. The data obtained from these commands are very valuable to the team, and we appreciate the help and support from everyone the past few weeks.

Thanks and please email me at Rizwan at DigitalPhoenixProductions dot com if you need any help with the software.

-Rizwan Merchant


7 thoughts on “CAPE-2 GroundStation Software Lite Published!

  1. G7gqw

    Hi, will the software also cause the UHF tx to beacon as well as the VHF tx, at the same time?

    1. Rizwan Merchant Post author

      Software is only designed to transmit and receive on the VHF. Once we’ve received more data on the satellite, we may release a version that turns on the UHF and allows communication over UHF.

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