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CAPE-2 Tracking Update [12/02/2013]

Below is current information for tracking CAPE-2:

Frequency: 145.825 (varies due to Doppler shift)
Modulation: FM/CW
Beacon Interval: Varies Based on Modes (alternating ax25and CW)

Green Mode Interval: 2 Minutes
Orange Mode Interval 4 Minutes
Red Mode Interval 6 Minutes

Current TLEs
1 39380U 13064A 13330.07541444 .00010598 00000-0 47292-3 0 199
2 39380 40.5199 215.0588 0005267 335.2591 24.7901 15.21214750 922
* TLE is unconfirmed as official TLE for CAPE-2, but has yielded our best results thus far.

Currently completing For Release to Public Software to Communicate with CAPE-2

CW Format of Data:
Callsign, Satellite Name, Mode of Satellite (2 Character designation), Unregulated Bus Voltage

ax25 Format of Data:
Callsign, Satellite Name, Beacon ID, Mode of Satellite, Current Satellite Time, Unregulated Bus Voltage, #Beacons since last reset, VHF Transmitter Temperature, UHF Transmitter Temperature, Website URL

5 Responses to CAPE-2 Tracking Update [12/02/2013]

  1. Avatar Pete rowe
    Pete rowe says:

    Nice Cute-2 pass here in San Jose, California 2 Dec 13 at 22:02Z


    Pete WA6WOA

  2. Avatar Pete rowe
    Pete rowe says:

    Whoops, I meant Cape-2

  3. It’s going to be finish of mine day, however before finish I am reading this wonderful post to improve my know-how.

  4. I decoded 2 AX25 frames from CAPE-2 over Brazil :

    1:Fm W5UL-15 To W5UL [19:02:26R]

    1:Fm W5UL-15 To W5UL [20:42:24R]

    Also copied teh voice signal. Please see here:


    73 de Roland PY4ZBZ

  5. Today the passage was closer and finally got copy AX25!:


    73 de Roland PY4ZBZ