CAPE Lab Rennovations Complete

Rizwan Merchant   February 26, 2011   Comments Off on CAPE Lab Rennovations Complete

This past week the CAPE Team was able to return to the CAPE lab after closing down the lab operations to allow for the University to perform some much needed renovations and to add new furniture. We’re proud to announce the CAPE lab is back and looks amazing! Special thanks to Dr. George Thomas and the Electrical Engineering Department for their contributions to renovate our lab!

– All our furniture in the hall during the renovation week.

– empty CAPE lab is empty….

– New Work Stations Up and Running

– Team in lab after First CAPE-2 Development in Renovated Lab!

Still have a little work left with finishing the table up, and other small jobs, but otherwise the lab is looking really good, and ready for us to work it to death to get CAPE-2 complete for NASA! 🙂

More Photos: