CrawSat III – Cold Test Success!

Rizwan Merchant   December 11, 2010   Comments Off on CrawSat III – Cold Test Success!

Well its been less then twenty four hours since our finals ended, and already members of the CrawSat III team and Launch Personnel team are back to work on the balloon preparing for the launch on December 18th, 2010.

Today we performed the second Cold Test, with improvements to testing procedures to account for lack of circulation of cold air through the Thermovac chamber. With the additions of a fan and dehydrator to the chamber, we were successfully able to circulate cold air throughout the chamber, and verify the electronics are well insulated and ready to handle the cold wrath of the jet stream on flight day, thanks to the Mechanical Team!

We have uploaded photos from today’s test to the CAPE Gallery.

– The team monitoring the Thermovac during the cold test.

– The dehydrator attached to thermovac.

– Display of data from the ground station received from the package.

All photos can be found here.

Also in addition, heres a little fun tidbit. Using some nifty weather balloon flight prediction software, we have predicted the balloon to land on the levee south of I-10, here.

Expect some post through out the week with new predictions as we get closer to launch day and more updates!