CrawSat III – Cold Test Update

Rizwan Merchant   November 18, 2010   Comments Off on CrawSat III – Cold Test Update

Saturday, November 6th, 2010, the CrawSat III team met to test the balloon package in the Thermovac Chamber for how well the package stood against extreme cold temperatures, and pressure changes. The test was not successful due to coding errors with the newly integrated Northside arduino package, and with pushing the liquid nitrogen from the base of the vacumm’s chamber up to the rest of the chamber, leaving most of the balloon package relatively warm. The team has been since working towards correcting these problems, while also revising the mechanical structure. Thus far the coding issues appear to be fixed.

Special thanks to Dr. August Gallo and the Chemistry Department of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for supplying us Liquid Nitrogen and Alex Wehmann from the Northside Arduino Team and his family for coming out to watch the test take place.

Below are pictures from the cold test experiment:

– Night before test, making last minute fixes to the balloon package and code

– CrawSat III team shows Alex Wehmann from Northside Highschool the code for the project.

– Running the thermovac chamber

– Some of the Team watching the beacon coming over the radio from inside the vacuum.

– Taking a break after a long day of work.

Cold Test Run 2 will be scheduled within the next week. So stay tuned! :-