CrawSat III – Failed Launch and Relaunch Plans

Rizwan Merchant   December 21, 2010   Comments Off on CrawSat III – Failed Launch and Relaunch Plans

First of all I just want to thank everyone who came out this morning to help launch the Weather Balloon. I know today didn’t exactly go as planned or at all as planned actually. But you guys were great. Special round of thanks for Chase and Ethan for going to incredible lengths to recover the package.

To those who were not present, or missed what actually happened, here is a brief synopsis I got from the launch team when they returned to the lab:

It would appear, the weight of the package, and ping pong balls was too great for the weather balloon set aside for us. The weather balloon was designed for payloads up to 5 lbs, we had the payload exceed that, and the package ended up pulling the balloon down in the Lake Charles Airport in a brush of trees. Thanks to the launch team turned recovery team, we were able to retrieve the balloon package and parachute virtually unscathed by cutting down the tree with a chainsaw borrowed from the airport. Sadly we lost the cutdown mechanism somehow.

Needless to say, we will attempt a relaunch. At the moment, we will be shooting for a January 8th,2011 launch, and rerunning a few tests on electronics.

Special thanks to Ashley Yelverton for some amazing photos of launch day. Below are a few pictures, for full gallery go here:

– Checking Landing Predictions

– Preparing to launch

– Launch Team (Chase Savoy, Ashley Yelverton, Ethan Oliver, Trey Oliver)

– and its flying!

– and now stuck in tree…..:(

For more photos by Ashley and more information:

Stay tuned for updates on a January 8th, 2011 Launch