CrawSat III – Full-Up Test Success and Progress Update

Rizwan Merchant   December 16, 2010   Comments Off on CrawSat III – Full-Up Test Success and Progress Update

Well today was an eventful day, got quite a bit done. First up, we’ve knocked out two more tests before flight, the Full-Up Test (to ensure all features, sensors, and functions of the CrawSat III work, and mock day. The Full-Up test was a success, with a minor camera hiccup which was easily corrected 🙂

– The Balloon during the Full-Up test, with a weight attached to the cut down mechanism to simulate that particular function.

Mock Day wasn’t executed as planned, but was instead simulated through the four recovery vehicles using the equipment for each vehicle and plane in lab. All systems are a go on that end now!

– the recovery systems for three recovery vehicles and one plane. This one was a total nightmare to get in working operation. Hats off to Louis, Nick and Rick for getting everything going!

In other news the Pearlsats have arrived from NP Moss Middle School, and were strung together for flight day by the CrawSat Team.

-The Pearlsats all strung together around the CrawSat III package.

Also one last bit of news, the Landing Prediction for today puts us landing near New Iberia, hopefully this prediction stays true for an easy recovery, but we shall see.

Up next, parachute test, sealing the box, and a few other small nuances….all that can stop us now is Mother Nature, so lets hope for favorable winds and a flight on Saturday. Final decision on fly or no fly will be made at 6:30am on December 18th, 2010. All Launch Personnel are expected in the lab by 5:30am for Briefing.

Lets fly a CrawSat!
-Rizwan Merchant
CrawSat III Flight Director