It’s 8 am on a Saturday morning…

and while most college students are sleeping off the effects of a night out, CAPE members are hard at work preparing to apply for a chance to launch a satellite with NASA.  Everyone is very excited about this opportunity, and the fact that donuts and coffee were provided by Nick Pugh. Thanks Nick!


One thought on “It’s 8 am on a Saturday morning…

  1. Kirk Woellert

    We are including the CAPE-1 project in a paper on cubesats I’m co-author. We mention CAPE research on software defined radio (SDR).
    Are you guys aware is NASA is helping with $$$?

    The weekend work happens to us here at SPI too (it can worth it).Good luck!

    Kirk Woellert
    Research Assistant
    Space Policy Institute
    The George Washington University
    1957 E St., NW Suite 403
    Washington, D.C 20052

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