Long Time No Update

Rizwan Merchant   September 10, 2011   Comments Off on Long Time No Update

Greetings All,

I hope everyone had a great summer. While most college students were down at the beach, the CAPE team was hard at work this past summer, making strides towards completion of the CAPE-2 Satellite Project. We’ve made a lot of changes, even going as far as to redefine our Command and Data Handling Subsystem from the ground up, while Communications, Power, and the Software Defined Radio Subsystems continued development. While on the side, myself and Louis Courville spent six weeks teaching classes to highschool students enrolled in the ULL Upward Bound Program in Programming Arduinos and Website Development as part of our continual Educational Outreach here at CAPE.

Students learning about programming Arduino Microcontrollers over the summer

Now with the semester underway at UL, our team has redoubled efforts to complete flight hardware for the satellite by the end of the year, and a new team of students has taken on the task of developing and flying CrawSat IV.

Group Photo of CAPE-2 Team and CrawSat IV Team

So look forward for more exciting updates from us!