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CAPE iPhone Website

This is just to highlight some of the new features available on the website.  One of the more prominent features for our mobile users is the shiny new interface for iPhones, Blackberry’s and a few other mobile devices.  The mobile AJAXiness goodness comes from the guys at BraveNewCode.

Social Bookmarks ScreenshotAnother feature for all of our users include the social bookmarking links at the bottom of this post and any other news post.  This is the social web after all.  So, we at CAPE offer you, the reader the chance to spread some link love with all of your friends real or not.  There are also options for saving to PDF and printing in the lineup as well.

Subscribe by email

Some of you may have noticed the little snippet above has been around for a while now.  Unfortunately our feedburner was not actually configured to allow email subscriptions so entering your email address just led to an error screen (shame on us). Fortunately, the situation has been rectified with a few simple steps you can subscribe to updates from our website.  You will receive an email anytime a new post is made to the website, but never more than one email a day.  So feel free to enter your email address, sign up and stay up to date.  The email subscription is ran by Google’s FeedBurner and CAPE will not have access to your email address to send you anything including spam. You will just have to trust Google to not be evil.

Lastly, there has been some work done on the wiki side of our website as well. There is no screenshot because it is in nowhere near it’s final state as far as looks are concerned.  However, the behind the scenes foundation is being laid to integrate the wiki (at least visually) with the main site you are viewing now.  Also, much of the important content has been ported over by Wade and myself including the PIC tutorials that were so popular.  All in all, the website is slowly progressing to a unified tool for CAPE to reach the public with.

That just about covers the changes around the website.  Just be sure to check out the photo gallery for some new (well, old) photos from the CAPE team circa 2004.  In the next couple days there should be some more albums from the CAPE-1 days as well.


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  1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

    Speaking of website features. Some may have noticed that my picture shows up next to my comments. This is because we have Gravatar implemented in our comments. Simply visit Gravatar’s website and set up your own gravatar to have your image show up on this and many other websites when you comment here or there.

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