PartySat I Launch Photos

Rizwan Merchant   June 5, 2009   Comments Off on PartySat I Launch Photos

Well this past week has been pretty eventful for CAPE, with two major events. The first of which was Nick and I presenting the Sputnik Lite slideshow to a group of teachers attending a conference on Education on UL Campus, and launching a version of Sputnik Lite, which I call PartySat I, given that we’re using party balloon. Below are some pictures from the presentation and launch.


Nick Presenting the Sputnik Lite Project


A Volunteer Teacher pointing the Antennae in the direction of where we’re releasing PartySat.


and there she goes into the skies….

We’re not entirely certain just yet what happened to PartySat, but if you happen across a small transceiver attached to remains of four party sized balloons, please contact us.  Data from the launch will be up in a few days.

In other news, last night Matthew Triche, Dustin Muse, Blake Deville and I went to the Red Cross Center in Scott, and took our Technician’s Ham Operator Exam, and we all passed.  So just a quick congratulations to everyone!

-Rizwan Merchant