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The Only Collegiate Satellite Program in Louisiana

Engineering Day

Today UL gave middle school and high school students a chance to explore their interest in the different fields of engineering. We were one of the stops that students made throughout the day. This was a great chance for us to get our name out to the students and to get them interested in either […]


NASA Visits CAPE Lab

The CAPE team was visited by Dr. Kumar Krishen the ST Senior Scientist / Lead Technologist for the Advanced Planning Office of NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas yesterday afternoon. Dr. Krishen gave a very enlightening presentation on the current problems NASA is working to solve, the need for new technologies in the […]

CAPE iPhone Website

New Website Features

This is just to highlight some of the new features available on the website.  One of the more prominent features for our mobile users is the shiny new interface for iPhones, Blackberry’s and a few other mobile devices.  The mobile AJAXiness goodness comes from the guys at BraveNewCode. Another feature for all of our users […]