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  • CrawSat III – More Videos and Photos

    We just received more photos of the CrawSat III launch from Mrs. Beth Guillet from the College of Engineering office, along with a new launch video.

    Link to New Gallery: http://gallery.ulcape.org/v/CrawSat+3/LaunchDayFeb5th2011/Launch+Team/Engineering/

    Also here is a second video of the Launch:

    Thanks to Mrs. Beth! :-)

  • CrawSat III – Launch Successful, Photos and Video

    Greetings All,

    Well the end has finally come for CrawSat III. This past weekend, on Saturday, February 5th, 2011 the CrawSat III High Altitude Weather Balloon Project was successfully launched out of Lake Charles, Louisiana around 12:20 PM, and landed in the Homochitto National Forest in the state of Mississippi nearly three hours later, where it was found stuck in a tree. Through help from a local citizen of the area, the Recovery Teams were able to successfully retrieve the package with very little damage.

    – Predicted Flight Path

    – Launch Team Preparing to release Balloon

    – Launch Team Preparing to release Balloon

    – Launch Video

    – Photo from bottom camera during flight

    – Photo from side camera during flight

    – Balloon Package stuck in tree :-(

    – Recovery Team and Local Mississippian who helped retrieve package from the tree with package

    Also a link to the full Launch Day Gallery may be found here:

    We would just like to take this moment to thank the following people for their help in making this happen:
    CrawSat III development team: Casey Boudreaux, Ethan Olivier, Rizwan Merchant, Dustin Muse, Chase Savoy, Louis Courville

    Launch Team: Chase Savoy, Casey Boudreaux, Ethan Olivier, Matthew Dupuis

    Ground Station Team: Rizwan Merchant, Nick Pugh, Trey Oliver

    Recovery Team 1: Jeremy Guillory, Alex Wehmann, Eric Rohner

    Recovery Team 2: Lorenzo Evans, Matthew Triche

    Recovery Team 3: Patrick Dellinger, Adam Hebert, Ricky Schexnayder

    The locals of Mississippi for helping recover the package

    Plane Team: Dustin Muse, Louis Courville

    Pilot for Plane: Les Henderson

    Photographers: Ashley Isabelle Yelveton, Beth Guillet

    The Lake Charles National Weather Station and their Staff

    NP Moss Middle Schools Students for making the PearlSats

    Northside Highschool for their payload add on to the CrawSat III

    The ULL Chemistry Department and Dr. August Gallo for their donation of Liquid Nitrogen for the Cold Test

    The ULL Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Department for providing us lab space and the chance to work on this project

    and a very special thanks to Nick Pugh for many a long night of helping, mentoring, teaching us, and pushing us beyond our expectations to reach for the skies and fly.

    Rizwan Merchant
    Flight Director
    CrawSat III