Tweeting Off The International Space Station!

Rizwan Merchant   March 9, 2014   Comments Off on Tweeting Off The International Space Station!

The Buoy Team has been hard at work testing their antennae for their project. Part of their testing procedure has been to send a packet from their mock up of the Buoy antennae to the International Space Station, and having the Station repeat the packet back. Currently the team is planning to have the Buoy send the Space Station an aprs email packet, which the ISS should repeat, and hopefully get into an I-Gate to be emailed back home with data.

I took this plan a step further, and experimented with having the ISS receive a twitter packet, similiar to CAPE-2, and have the ISS tweet my message instead of emailing it. Below is today’s successful result of today’s attempt to tweet with the ISS!