Webinar at NP Moss Middle School and Outreach Events

Rizwan Merchant   December 4, 2010   Comments Off on Webinar at NP Moss Middle School and Outreach Events

As part of CAPE’s continued efforts at outreach in our area, the CrawSat III team has decided to have NP Moss Middle School and Northside Highschool partake in the upcoming launch by having middle school students from NP Moss design Pearlsats to hang from the package sent up. PearlSats are ping pong balls which are cut in half to carry science experiments designed by the students with guidance from their teachers. The PearlSats are strung together like a “string of pearls” and attached to the weather balloon to form a “payload.” Students are instructed to put any items they would like inside these ping pong balls, such as candy, or other small objects, then glued back together.

On Wednesday, November 17, 2010, a webinar was arranged in the NP Moss Middle School gymnasium for about 300 students to hear Dr. Bob Twiggs with Morehead State University explain the various aspects of the PearlSat balloon project, with Nick Pugh and myself on hand to answer questions.

While Senior Students at Northside Highschool worked under Project Manager Chase Savoy, CAPE-2 member Adam Hebert, and Industry Mentor Nick Pugh on developing an arduino user interface package with accelerometer, infrared sensor, UV sensor, compass, and air quality sensor. As of November 17th,2010, this package has been integrated into the primary balloon package, and undergoing testing.

Below is a link to photos taken by the UL Engineering Department and myself of the webinar:


We’re anticipating the final launch day of CrawSat III to be December 18th, 2010, pending approval from Lake Charles Weather Station.